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Are there a limited number of tickets going on sale?

Yes. Ticket numbers will be limited to the maximum number of attendees permitted within the event room.


Will there be live panels?

Keep an eye on the timetable page to see what activities are being scheduled for Pit Con this year. 


Will Frontier Developments be attending Pit Con?

Yes they will.


Is Pit Con Sponsored by anyone?

No. There will be prizes and giveaways from Partners, Supporters and friends of the Buur Pit but there is no sponsorship involved. Watch this space for details.


Is Pit Con a “for profit” event?

No. We are selling tickets to cover part of the venue and organisation costs only.  All money collected from any Raffle Prizes and Giveaways will be donated to our nominated charity.  Any other costs incurred are being paid for by us personally.


When will tickets go on sale?

We are planning for tickets to go on sale in September. Please check back here and also look out for announcements.


Will there be different ticket types for sale?

No. There is one ticket price for entry to the event.

Can I cancel my ticket?

If you wish to cancel you must email at as soon as possible.  Unless stated, if you cancel 30 calendar days or more before the event, we will refund your registration fees minus the administration fee. However, if you cancel less than 30 calendar days before the day of the event, we will not be able to refund your ticket or fees.


Can I register in person at the event?

No. We only have a limited number of tickets available so you will not be able to purchase them on the day. All tickets need to be booked prior to the event. Details can be found here.


Is a group discount available?

No. Sadly we are not able to offer any discounts.


Will Pit Con close registration at any point?

Yes. Tickets are limited.  We recommend that you register early as there is the possibility the event will sell out.


What is included in my registration fee?

The registration fee allows access to the event and all activities taking place during the day. It also includes: tea, coffee, water & snacks.

If I can’t attend, can I transfer my registration?

Yes. If you cannot attend the event we are happy to accept a substitute delegate without charge. Please send your request at least 72 hours before the event setting out the name of the person who will not be attending, as well as the full name of the substitute. 


Where will announcements be posted, how can I keep up to date with any news?

We will be setting up dedicated Pit Con channels within the Buur Pit discord server. We will create a “role” that you can allocate yourself, so that you will receive notifications of all relevant information and announcements.


Will the event be streamed at all?

Currently there are no plans to stream from the event. 


Can I bring my own PC / Console etc?

No. There is no space or infrastructure available to support it this year. 


How can I book a reservation at the host hotel?

Please see here for details.


Do you have to stay at the hotel to attend the convention?

No. There is a choice of local alternatives if you need accommodation.  See here for other options.


Do I have to stay in the event room all day or are there other areas to sit in?

All the planned activities will take place in the main event room, but the hotel does have quieter breakout areas which attendees are welcome to use. The hotel also has a choice of bars and eating areas.


Can I park my car at the hotel if I am not staying?

Yes. There is free parking at the hotel.  


Do I have to eat at the hotel?

No. There are lots of options locally if you don’t wish to eat at the hotel.  See here for some alternatives.


What times are the restaurants and bars open?

See hotel details.


Can I use the Spa facilities if I am not staying at the hotel?

No. The Spa is only open to residents of the hotel.  


Is there WIFI at the hotel?

Yes. Free of charge access to all attendees.


Is there disabled access to the hotel?

Yes.  If you have any specific requirements please let us know in advance via and we’ll liaise with the venue for you.  


If I have an allergy or dietary requirements who should I contact?

If you have any allergies (eg. food allergies or feather pillows) or dietary requirements please do contact the hotel prior to your stay to discuss any needs you may have. 


Is it permitted to bring assistance pets into the hotel?

Yes. All assistance pets are permitted.


Are there EV charging facilities on site at the hotel?

No. There are a number of EV charging points very local to the hotel.


Do I need to wear a scarf?

Yes.  Why would you ask that? …you monster ;) 

How do I ask a question that isn’t answered on this FAQ?

Please contact us via 

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